AP Connect User Guide

User Guide

Below are guides for the first three steps you should take when you log in to APConnect. We hope this helps you get started, and then we can walk through it with you together on the webinars below. 

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Why use AP Connect?

Our model is built on the following principle - to make change nationally we need the networked power of millions working locally. AP Connect is the networking power to connect all of the local 28th Amendment activists for the long haul. Share your stories and resources through AP Connect so fellow AP Citizens gets stronger and smarter through your experience. 

What are communities?

Communities are the tool we use to organize the system and for you to best utilize AP Connect. Each Community has its own discussion thread and library of shared files. After you set up your profile, go to the community page and join any community that you are interested in. There are two types of communities -

Topics - We have created a number of communities based on topics or events related to the movement for the 28th Amendment. Examples of topic communities - Democracy Awakening, 28th Amendment, California Ballot Initiative. You can join any topic community of interest to you and receive email updates on the activity in that community, and can skip the ones you are not interested in. 

APA - As an AP Citizen, you are automatically added to an APA if one exists near you. Your fellow Citizens in that APA can post discussions and files of interest to you such as APA special announcements, APA

How will I know if you create a new community?

When you log in to AP Connect you can see a live feed of recent discussion threads and which community they are posted in regardless if you are a member or not. If a discussion is of interest to you, you can click on the community and join it. If you want to reply to a discussion post from a community you are not a member of you will be asked to join it first as well.  

Why can I see discussion posts from Communities (like APAs) that I am not a part of on the home page?

Regardless if you are part of a community, there may still be a shared file or discussion post that may be of interest to you. The power of AP Connect is for all members to benefit from the experience and activity of each other, so one APA may post a file to their community that you may benefit from. 

Why do I need to update my profile?

We need to connect together to have the power to get the 28th Amendment passed. That starts with your profile - we all need to learn from each other and your profile is your public face to all the AP Citizens across the country.